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Care Groups

Care groups provide a connection point for people within the congregation and community beyond Sunday morning worship. Groups engage in short-term studies, group activities and recreational fun together. Groups meet in different homes or in the church building. These group exists to encourage study, prayer, fellowship, and service.

Men’s Ministry

We desire to build strong relationships among men. We want men’s lives to bring glory to God in their homes, at their jobs, at church, and in their communities. Our prayer for Men’s ministry is to become an encouragement to one another in our spiritual walk and other practical areas of life.

Women’s Ministry

We provide an environment for women to connect, encourage, and grow together. Activities and events are planned throughout the year. There’s something for women in all walks of life as they encourage and challenge each other in their spiritual walk and application of the Word of God.

Children’s Ministry

We provide the children with a nurturing environment where they are introduced to Jesus and his unconditional love through Bible stories, songs, creative activities and ideas.

Youth Ministry

Our youth meet every Wednesday night and Sunday Morning. They engage in different studies and activities as they seek to grow together in their faith and their walk with God.