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4. Antonio Ulloa – Touching others in Jesus name: Good Samaritan Style

Discover four simple principles the Good Samaritan followed to reach out and touch the life of others with love. Antonio will illustrate these principles with an engaging personal story on evangelism.

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3. Antonio Ulloa – Filled and empowered by the Spirit: What does it look like?

In this session we will talk about what it means to be led and empowered by the Holy Spirit.

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2. Antonio Ulloa – Created and gifted for a life of growth and service

We have been born again and will get to heaven when we die. Nevertheless, we should not forget that abundant life is supposed to happen in between these two events—right here and now!
In this session, discover what God has provided for us to experience this abundant life and be productive participants in His mission.

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1. Antonio Ulloa – Personal relationship with God: The key to spiritual passion

Spiritual passion is not a nebulous concept. It is an incredible feeling of contagious enthusiasm that, once received, will touch the life of many people around you.
This spiritual passion can only be found in the very presence of God. This session will challenge and invite the audience to make communion with God the highest priority in their lives.

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