378 Glenbrook Road, Talmage, PA 17580  (717) 656-9731


We Are A Church That

  • Desires to glorify God, to unite our efforts in building His Church, and to hear what God is saying to His people
  • Gives support in meeting each other’s spiritual, physical and emotional needs
  • Seeks to grow in the knowledge of God’s Word and His Lordship
  • Reaches out to others with love and concern for their salvation and welfare
  • Rejoices in diversity with unity
  • Encourages the building of Christ-centered families and homes
  • Invites you to worship with us!

Our Vision

The Area:
We believe that God has called us to share the freshness of the Spirit in this community through an emphasis on worship, love, healing of hurts, and the Word of God.

Care Groups:
We encourage everyone to become part of a care group. We believe this is an effective way for each person to be discipled and nurtured in their Christian walk. These groups serve various interests and needs within the fellowship. Each group leader works closely with the leadership team.

We believe it is important to provide good teaching and wholesome activities for our families. We believe parents are primarily responsible for the spiritual training of their children, therefore we want to provide the kind of support and ministry that supports this conviction.

The Lord wants us to tell the Good News of Salvation. We believe that every Christian should be ready and able to share the Gospel. We also recognize that God is calling forth those with the gift of evangelism who need to be trained and encouraged.

Prayer Ministry:
Knowing that prayer is the most important ministry that we have, it is our desire to see God raise up prayer intercessors in His Church.

Dedicated to encouraging each person to consider their call, we support missions, both home and abroad, by both giving and going. Numerous opportunities are available.

We seek to hear and obey the Spirit of God in His direction for His body. We are affiliated with the Lancaster Mennonite Conference.

What We Believe

God is invisible to people. He knows all things and has all power. He is just and perfect and a very personal being. He is beyond human understanding. He is three distinct persons, but one God. 1 Tim. 1:17

Jesus is God who came to earth in response to the love of God the Father. He died on the cross taking our punishment for sin. He was raised from the dead on the third day and gives power to live a new life. When we believe this to be true and we repent of our sin, we have SALVATION, and we are saved from God’s punishment. John 3:16-18

The Holy Spirit is God, who helps us understand God. We receive the Holy Spirit at salvation and when we ask Jesus to baptize us in the Holy
Spirit. Acts 1:5 & 8, Luke 3:16

The Bible is God’s written Word to man and is written for our learning, correction, and daily
practice. 1 Tim. 3:16

Baptism symbolizes death with Jesus when we are put in the water, and new life when coming out of the water. Romans 6

The Church is all people who have received salvation. We meet for mutual encouragement and share our God-given abilities. Eph. 4:11-13

Creation: All things were made by God for His pleasure. We can learn about God by what He has created. Since God is our Creator, we should choose to please Him. Rom 1:20; Rev 4:11

Grace is the ability God gives us to do what we should. Prayer is talking to God. It is the will of God for all Christians to follow the example of Christ by always responding in Christian Love.


CCC Vision Statement 2016